The Best Indie Action Games:


Dead Horde

Hard Reset

Orcs Must Die!


A Little About Action Games…

An action game is a genre of video games that focuses on challenges that include hand eye coordination and reaction time. Sub-genres that fall under the action game umbrella include fighting games, first person shooter games and platform games. On the rare occasion, real time strategy games may be considered.

Players in action games take control of a sudo character that must overcome obstacles, solve puzzles, fight enemies and collect objects. Bosses are usually found at the end of each major level and offer an intense action sequence before a new level or world is introduced. Some of the top action games have intense action that is constantly changing and limits the amount of repetition.

Actions games typically concludes when all the levels are complete, in a linear or non-linear fashion, and all the major plot developments are discovered and completed. There are also add-ons that players can complete such as collecting all the achievements, getting high scores and unlocking weapons.

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